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TimeMoto by Safescan TM PC Software Plus for Time & Attendance System Unlimited Users Ref 139-0602
Product Code: 4095426
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The TimeMoto PC plus software for single PC use allows you to stay updated on employee status, create work schedules, keep an eye on overtime and export data to Excel, CSV and PDF.
The TimeMoto PC plus software for single PC use allows you to stay updated on employee status, create work schedules, keep an eye on overtime and export data to Excel, CSV and PDF.
Software SuppliedYes
Number of UsersFor single PC use unlimited users
Add and edit users, locations, departments and clocking records
Calculates Overtime
Compliant with the new European Privacy Regulation (GDPR)
Export data to payroll systems
Export to Excel, CSV and PDF
Export to Major Payroll Software
Exports to Excel, PDF, CSV, or your preferred payroll program
Exports to Excel, PDF, CSV, Payroll
For single PC use
GDPR Compliant
Graphical planning tool
Graphical planning tool, heighten visual clarity by assigning colours to projects, cost centres and employees
Implement projects, work schedules and pay classes
In-depth reporting
Management Reporting of Clocking Data
Not Mac compatible
Overtime management
Pay classes allow you to define a basic pay rate per user, or group of users, and apply rules that modify this basic rate, calculate overtime, to generate a report, display the number of hours linked to each pay rate
Pay classes and payment reports
PC Plus intuitive drag-and-drop scheduling to easily plan work shifts and instantly compare scheduled hours to those actually worked
PC Plus software adds extended features allowing you to schedule all 24 hours of the day in shifts; track employee arrival and departure outside standard work hours; track annual vacation and work time for each employee; balance schedules to minimise overtime; and specify special holiday hours for use in your scheduling
PC Plus software provides In-depth reporting across many functions using advanced time attendance software, such as overtime management, project codes, graphical planning tool, work scheduling, including shifts and holidays
PC software for TimeMoto time and attendance system
PC software plus for the TimeMoto TM-616 / TM-626 / TM-818 / TM-828 / TM-838 terminals
Per unit
Project- / Work Codes
Project codes
Real-time attendance data
Real-time Attendance List
Real-time employee attendance overview reports, automatically detects irregularities in employee clocking data
Retrieve, check and report attendance data from TimeMoto terminals
Runs on Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Server 2008
Save in Excel spreadsheet, PDF, or CSV file format
Shift / Public (holiday) / Absence Planning
Shift and holiday scheduling
There is no limit to the number of users, an unlimited database, with automatic backups and support for multiple TimeMoto terminals
TimeMoto TM-PC Plus software activation license for single PC use
Unlimited users
Upgrade from TA software
Vacation / holiday planning
Work Schedules
Work schedules / shift planning
Works seamlessly with all TimeMoto terminals and Safescan TA-8000 Series
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