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Mailroom Machinery

Our special dedicated mail team are experts in their field. Whether your business requires a starter level franking machine, an automated folder inserter, mail threat detection equipment or general advice on how to make your business’ mail process more efficient and cost effective, they are there to help.

Mailroom Solutions

We provide a wide variety of mailroom equipment and maintenance including:

  • Franking machines of all sizes relevant to any business that sends in excess of 8 letters a day.

  • Folder inserter machines to make bulk outgoing mail runs, such as invoicing or marketing, much more efficient

  • Automated mail openers to efficiently open large volumes of incoming mail

  • Envelope sealers for quick and easy processing

  • X-Ray threat detection screening for the scanning of in-bound mail

  • Postal scales

  • Time and date stamps

    A Professional Image

    Sending franked mail presents a professional image to your business partners and customers. Your franked stamp can be customised for your business and can contain your company logo and promotional text or other business messages.

    They say there is no such thing as a free lunch, but franking your mail gives you the opportunity to advertise your company...for free. You can advertise new services, promotions and new offers. Using a franking machine that offers text messaging, you can even change the message on a daily or weekly basis.

    The Benefits

    In recent years Royal Mail has dramatically increased the discounts on franked mail. For them handling franked items is much cheaper than issuing stamps and processing stamped mail.

    In order to encourage more businesses to use franking machines, Royal Mail offers big discounts on postal charges for customers who frank their post...so everyone's a winner! In some cases franking discounts have doubled in the last two years and this means even for a company that sends out quite small volumes of mail, buying or renting a small franking machine can help to cut down on mailroom costs.

    Whether you require one franking machine or a full mailroom audit our seasoned mailroom experts will be able to advise you on the most efficient and economical solutions tailored to your business requirements.

    Choose What's Best For Your Business

    How many items do you send a day?



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